Upcoming Programs

2021 Program Schedule for the Ames Town & Country Kiwanis Club

  • May 8: “Juvenile Court Services , EPIC & Family First Preservation Services Act, FFPSA”,  Jerome Rewerts, Juvenile Court Officer, JCO
  • May 15: “Renewable Energies for Iowa and the World: Past, Present, and Future”, Steve Guyer (Brookside Garden Planting get together following the Zoom Mtg from 9:00 – 11:00 AM)

  • May 22:  “Ames: leading the way in creative and affordable energy”, Don Kom, director, Ames Electric Services

  • May 29: “Rantizo: Precision Drone Technologies”, Emily Carlson

  • June 5:  “What’s new with Ames Parks and Rec”, Keith Abraham

  • June 12: “Pets for Patriots”, Beth Zimmerman

  • June 19: “A Virtual tour and history of Old Capitol”,  Elizabeth Fouts