Nut Sales

Ames Town and Country Kiwanis – Nut Sales Fall 2020

Ames Town and Country Kiwanis – Nut Sales Fall 2020

Thank you for visiting the Ames Town and Country Kiwanis 2020 nut sales page! Listed below are packages of assorted nuts available for sale through our annual nut sale. Please purchase as many bags as you like. Just send an email to either Dean Howarth or Sue Griffith (by clicking on their name) along with a list of your requested items and we’ll give you information on where to send a check or how to pay in person. After purchase, we’ll let you know where and when you can pick up your items. Thanks for your help!


Item #1: Pecan Halves 1 lb.



Item #2: Pecan Pieces 1 lb.



Item #3: H/P Light Walnuts 1 lb.



Item #4: Black Walnut Pieces    1 lb.



Item #5: Deluxe Mix (Roasted and Salted) 1 lb.



Item #6: Giant Cashews  (Roasted and Salted) 1 lb.



Item #7: Natural Pistachios (Roasted and Salted) 1 lb.



Item #8: Whole Almonds (Roasted and Salted) 1 lb.



Item #9: Honey Roasted Peanuts 1 lb.



Item #10: Honey Roasted Cashews 1 lb.


Item #11: Harvest Medley Mix    1 lb.


Piles of pecans, pistachios and cashews mixed in a symphony of succulent dried cherries and cranberries.

Item #12: Spicy Party Mix 1 lb.



Item #13: Milk Chocolate Bridge Mix (Fruit and Nut) 1 lb.


Item #14: Pecan Praline 1 lb.


Item #15: Pecan Clusters 9 oz.



Item #16:

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels 8 oz.